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Topi the Corgi Calendar for 2019!

Limited edition!

$19.99 + worldwide shipping starting from $6.99


(Postcards are still available, see below)

Get yourself Topi's unique pawtograph at the same time!

Just choose option with "Calendar+CARD"

(Check more info from below)

Brighten your whole year with Topi's 2019 calendar!

- 12 adorable photos of Topi

- High quality paper and images

- Wire bound in the middle for a clean classy look

- Includes most of the international occasions

- Proper space for own notes

Measurements when open: 42cm x 30cm // 16.5" x 11.7"

Customized postcard with my pawtograph!

Made separately - each one is unique!

Ink used is pet safe and non-toxic

Cards starting from $6+postages

Payment trough PayPal

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🐾 Actor / comedian

🐾 Born on 27th May 2014

🐾 Living in Finland

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